Ayelet Chen איילת חן

from by Bazaar Ensemble

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אַיֶלֶת חֵן בְּגָלוּת תִּסְמְכֵנִי
וּבַלַּיְלָה בְּתוֹךְ חֵיקָהּ מְלוֹנִי

לְכוֹס יֵינָהּ אֲנִי תָּמִיד מְזוּמָּן
וְנִתְעָרַב חֲמַד יֵינָהּ בְּיֵינִי

שְׁתוּ דוֹדִים לְעוּמָּתִי וְשִׁכְרוּ
וְהָעִירוּ לְשֵׂכֶל רַעֲיוֹנִי

בְּהֵיכַל בַּת מְלָכִים הַכְּבוּדָה
וְשׁוּלְחָנָהּ מְזוּמָּן לַהֲמוֹנִי


Gazelle of Grace, lost in exile you can trust in me,
And in the night, rest in my embrace.

For a cup of her wine, I am always invited,
And your wine will mingle with mine.

Drink, lovers! And get drunk with me,
And awaken the wisdom of our companionship.

In the shrine, of the honored daughter of kings,
Her table is set to invite in the people.


from Shabazi, released January 24, 2016



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Bazaar Ensemble Los Angeles, California

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