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With gratitude to all who contributed to this labor of love, Bazaar Ensemble is honored to present 'Shabazi', our first EP. A musical journey to mystical heart of Yemen, and a musical conversation between our roots and our present, 'Shabazi' fuses East and West, ancient and modern. Building on the bedrock of the spiritual poetry of Shalom Shabazi (1619 – ca. 1720) and the rich traditional music of the Yemenite Judeo-Arabic heritage, Bazaar Ensemble aims to create a vibrant, new sound that reflects our Middle Eastern Jewish roots, and diversity of our Los Angeles home. Aiwah!


released January 24, 2016

Shabazi- Bazaar Ensemble
All lyrics written by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi. All melodies traditional, with arrangements and new composition by Asher Levy and Yoni Arbel

Asher Levy- lead and background vocals, electric guitar (1,2), oud, keyboards, electric bass (1,3), cumbus saz (3), duff (3), bendir (3), riqq (1, 3), bells (1, 2)

Yoni Arbel- electric guitar, nylon guitar (2), tenor saxophones, flutes, keyboards (2), electric bass (2), darbuka (2,3), background vocals (3)

Jonathan Golabek-Kaye- violins
Mekala Session- drums

Kiernan Weggler- cello (2,3), background vocals (3)
Michael Blasky- alto saxophone (2)
Ameet Eini- bowed acoustic bass (2)
Lior Yedidya- duet vocals (2)

Produced by Asher Levy, Yoni Arbel, and Ben Fried
Mixed by Ben Fried and Asher Levy
Mastered by Danny Golliger
Cover Design by Paige Schwimmer and Yoni Arbel
Font Design by Stephen Chen



all rights reserved


Bazaar Ensemble Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ayelet Chen איילת חן
אַיֶלֶת חֵן בְּגָלוּת תִּסְמְכֵנִי
וּבַלַּיְלָה בְּתוֹךְ חֵיקָהּ מְלוֹנִי

לְכוֹס יֵינָהּ אֲנִי תָּמִיד מְזוּמָּן
וְנִתְעָרַב חֲמַד יֵינָהּ בְּיֵינִי

שְׁתוּ דוֹדִים לְעוּמָּתִי וְשִׁכְרוּ
וְהָעִירוּ לְשֵׂכֶל רַעֲיוֹנִי

בְּהֵיכַל בַּת מְלָכִים הַכְּבוּדָה
וְשׁוּלְחָנָהּ מְזוּמָּן לַהֲמוֹנִי


Gazelle of Grace, lost in exile you can trust in me,
And in the night, rest in my embrace.

For a cup of her wine, I am always invited,
And your wine will mingle with mine.

Drink, lovers! And get drunk with me,
And awaken the wisdom of our companionship.

In the shrine, of the honored daughter of kings,
Her table is set to invite in the people.
Track Name: Im Nin'alu אם ננעלו
אִם נִנְעֲלוּ דַּלְתֵי נְדִיבִים דַּלְתֵּי מָרוֹם לֹא נִנְעֲלוּ
אֵל חַי מְרוֹמָם עַל כְּרוּבִים כֻּלָם בְּרוּחוֹ יַעֲלוּ
אֵל חַי

כִּי הֵם אֱלֵי כִּסְאוֹ קְרוֹבִים יוֹדוּ שְׁמוֹ וִיהַלְלוּ
חַיּוֹת שְׁהֶם רָצוֹא וְשָׁבִים מִיּוֹם בְּרִיאָה נִכְלְלוּ
אֵל חַי

גַּלְגַּל וְאוֹפָן רוֹעֲשִׁים
מוֹדִים שְׁמוֹ וּמְקַדְּשִׁים
מִזִּיו כְּבוֹדוֹ לוֹבְשִׁים
וּבְשֵׁשׁ כְּנָפַיִם סְבִיבִים עָפִים בְּעֵת יִתְגַלְגְּלוּ
יַעְנוּ בְּקוֹל שִׁירִים עֲרֵבִים יַחַד בְּאוֹתוֹת נִדְגְּלוּ

Even if the doors of the generous are locked, the doors on High will not be locked
Living God reigns on High above the cherubs, everyone is exalted by his spirit
Living God!

They gather near His heavenly throne,
They know His name and praise Him.
The celestial beasts return to Him,
From the day of creation, they were included.
Living God!

The heavenly wheels cycle and roar,
Acknowledging His name, and sanctifying it.
They are adorned in the splendor of His glory.

While the wheels spin, they are surrounded by six flying wings
They will answer in a voice of sweet song,
Together making the heavenly signs grand.
Track Name: Ahavat Hadassah אהבת הדסה
אַהֲבַת הֲדַסָּה עַל לְבָבִי נִקְשְׁרָה
וַאְנִי בְּתוֹךְ גּוֹלָה פְּעָמַי צוֹלְלִים
לוּ יֵשׁ רְשׁוּת לִי אֶעֱלֶה אֶתְחַבְּרָה
תּוֹךְ שַׁעֲרֵי צִיּוֹן אֲשֶׁר הֵם נֶהְלְלִים
שַׁחְרִית וְעַרְבִּית בַּת נְדִיבִים אֶזְכְּרָה
לִבִּי וְרַעְיוֹנַי בְּחֵשֶׁק נִבְהֲלִים
בִּנְעִים זְמִירוֹת מִנְּדוּד אֶתְעוֹרְרָה
וַאְנִי וְרַעְיָתִי בְּרִנָּה צוֹהֲלִים

Love of Hadassah has ensnared my heart.
And I am deep in exile, sinking into the abyss.
If only I had permission, I would ascend to unite with her,
Within the Gates of Zion, which are exalted.

Dawn and Dusk, I will recall the Daughter of the Generous
My heart and intuition are stunned
From lush song, I wake up from wandering.
My lover and I rejoice in ecstasy.